Making changes – Schooling

  I recently posed about issues of parental responsibility and how parents need to try and make decisions jointly about major long-term issues for a child. One issues that can arise after separation is where a child will attend school. During a relationship, parents may have discussed where a child will go to school and... Continue Reading →

It’s a small world after all

Although I specialise in family law, I do on occasions venture into areas where I practised in a past life. Being admitted in both Queensland and New South Wales can have its advantages.  This includes being able to help out practitioners from regional areas when somethings needs to get done in a hurry. I was... Continue Reading →

Life’s short.  Have an affair?

This hasn't been a good week. Mainly because I've developed some sort of illness that has really slowed me down. It's gone from having a sore throat to fits of uncontrollable sneezing! For some other people their week may have been bad because of the leak of personal information and data by a group of... Continue Reading →

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