Curious George – the tale of the little Senator that wouldn’t give up

Cheese and Whiskars! My 5 year old would say that if she knew what the Federal Attorney-General George Brandis was up to again.

You may have recalled my post George Brandis – Seriously, what else are you up to that we don’t know about regarding the machiavalian way that the A-G decided up change the family law fees after the Senate had voted to disallow the changes.

Well, I finally got a Response from AG – (click on link for PDF) well not exactly the A-G, it’s a letter that was signed by his Chief of Staff and no doubt written by a grovelling AO2 with delusions of grandur that she/he will have a job come election time.

I was alerted today by one of my colleagues in town that over the weekend, a piece appeared in the paper of record, the Sydney Morning Herald, that the A-G was reaching back into his bag’o’tricks to see if he can find some carrots to dangle in from of the cross-bench senators to try and raise the fees again.

You can have a look at the article here in Saturday’s SMH by Jane Lee.

Seriously George – just fund the courts, appoint some more judges and cut your immigration detention budget pertaining to detaining children.  I’m sure that you can find some cost savings there.

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