Lenton Park – My grandfather’s farm

My grandfather, James Victor McCormack was a farmer and grazier in the Old Junee district of South-West New South Wales.

Jim in his AIF uniform
Jim in his AIF uniform

Jim, as he was known, farmed on Lenton Park at Winchendon Vale.  My father, Peter, is one of 7 of Jim’s children.  Jim served in the Australian Army but was not set overseas for heath reasons.  My grandmother was Evelyn Lenore McCormack.  Sadly, I never got to meet either of my paternal grandparents.

Lenton Park was a wheat and sheep farm.  I have heard countless stories from my Dad, my Uncle Walter, and my Aunty Roslyn about the farm and growing up on it.

The front paddock at Lenton Park in the late 1960s
The front paddock at Lenton Park in the late 1960s

My grandparents marriage was a mixed marriage, Jim was raised a Roman Catholic and Evelyn was Presbyterian.  As a result, their children were raised as Presbyterian.  I don’t currently have a digitised photo of my grandmother.  I’ll try and rectify that over Christmas when I spend some time with my parents.

Masquerade rose at Lenton Park - 1975
Masquerade rose at Lenton Park – 1975

Given the location of the farm, water was (and is still) a precious commodity.  Despite this, my grandmother managed to have some gardens.  I’m told by my Aunty Ros that this Masquerade rose was one of her favourites.  This photo was taken in 1975, the year that my parents were married.

Roslyn near ute at haymaking time

I love this photograph.  It’s of my Aunty Ros as a young girl on the farm.  Aunty Ros (she’ll kill me for still calling her that) has been very helpful in providing me with photos of Lenton Park and is one of the repositories of all wisdom and knowledge about the family along with my father.

So, that’s enough ephemera for the moment.  November has been a busy month work wise but I’ll get back to posting about relevant family law issues in due course.

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