Q&A – Monday 6 October 2014 – Mental as

Whilst not strictly family law related, I saw the trailer for tomorrow night’s Q&A.  The program will explore issues relating to regional Australian and mental health as part of the ABC’s Mental As series.  The program features:

  • Prof Patrick McGorry – 2010 Australian of the Year and noted mental health advocate;
  • Jennifer Bowers – CEO of the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health who has been at the forefront of developing mental health responses for indigenous, rural and remote and mining communities in Australian;
  • Louise Byrne – a “lived experience practitioner” who herself suffered from debilitating mental health issues and now tries to assist people using her own experience of mental health access issues;
  • Josh Thomas – comedian and actor; and
  • Bob Katter MP.

The program is to be broadcast from Rockhampton and will have a focus on mental health issues in rural and regional Australia.

The breakdown of a relationship is not an an easy time and the assistance of helping professionals can make a lot of difference.  I routinely advise people that seeking out someone even just to talk things through can make a huge difference to how you cope with major changes in your life.

If you need assistance, there are many services that you can access either in person, by telephone or on-line.  There are some links below that might be useful.

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute



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